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C. Lucy R. Whitehead

b.1991, Liverpool, UK
lives and works in London (UK)

C. Lucy R. Whitehead (b.1991, Liverpool, UK) currently lives and works in London. Whitehead’s paintings are renowned for their surreal and visceral quality, which evokes bodily landscapes and prompts the viewer to confront a sense of disruptive immediacy. Her artworks transcend gender and individuality, instead, exploring the material and physical nature of the flesh we inhabit. She creates a unique composition that captures the relationship between the body and its environment, leading to a feeling of disorientation yet familiarity.

Whitehead’s paintings have gained critical acclaim and have been exhibited in several galleries both nationally and internationally. Her recent solo exhibitions include Stranger, Grove Collective (London, 2022); When the Hammer Breaks, Incubator 22 (London, 2022). Selected group exhibitions include The Consolation of Clinamen, Tabula Rasa Gallery (Beijing, 2023); Liminal Cycles, Niso Project (Paris, 2023); POSITIONS, Alma Pearl Gallery (London, 2023); Inverted Corneum, Split Gallery (London, 2023); SKIN DEEP, Studio West (London, 2023); Four Painters and a Photographer, Backhaus Projects (Berlin, 2022); A Body Of Work, Grove Collective (London, 2022); London Grads 2021, Saatchi Gallery (London, 2021). She pursued her education in fine arts, attaining a BA in Drawing from Camberwell College of Art in 2013 and an MA in Painting from Royal College of Art in 2021. She was awarded the Basil. H. Alkazzi Scholarship for the period 2019 to 2021.

The Consolation of Clinamen, Tabula Rasa Beijing, July 2023

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