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Eva Yi Zhang

b.1989, Chengdu, China
lives and works in Shanghai (China)

Eva Yi Zhang (b.1989, Chengdu, China) currently lives and works in Shanghai. Her works explore the experiences of women in both work and leisure life. Zhang taught herself sewing and fabric alteration techniques to create her works, which often involve dyeing, cutting, and patchwork of fabrics. She draws inspiration from her everyday experiences and historical texts such as “Nüshi Zhen Tu” to reimagine existing narratives about women. Her recent works explore the female body as a subject. In her pieces, parts of the body are depicted as broken steel bars, wooden blocks, thorns, or punctured and stretched to express the artist's personal experiences of pain. The protruding and irregular shapes made from fabric in her works seem to reveal hidden secrets within the body.

Zhang holds a master’s degree from University of Southern California and a bachelor’s degree from University of Minnesota. Her recent exhibitions include Tabula Rasa: Unveiled, No.9 Cork Street (London, 2023); Asia NOW, presented by Tabula Rasa Gallery (Paris, 2023); The Consolation of Clinamen, Tabula Rasa Gallery (Beijing, 2023); She/They, FERNWEH Space (Beijing, 2021); Watch the Fire from the Shore, LINSEED (Shanghai, 2021); Art021 Art Fair, Tabula Rasa Gallery (solo, Shanghai, 2021); Harmony, Powerlong Art Center (Shanghai, 2022); Roarrrrr, Tabula Rasa Gallery (solo, Beijing, 2021). 

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