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Johannes Bosisio

b.1994, Italy
lives and works in London (UK)

Johannes Bosisio (b. 1994) is an Italian-born artist based in London. His practice spans from painting and sculptural installation. His work celebrates transformation, freedom, desire, and hybridization by depicting organic bodies fused with technological prostheses. Through his use of once smooth and shiny chrome surfaces that are now scratched, rough, and alive, Bosisio reconsiders our relationship with technology and its impact on our lives and identities. His approach is informed by the work of authors Donna Haraway and Andy Clark, and his art challenges traditional boundaries and creates new possibilities by merging organic and technological forms.

Bosisio has exhibited his work internationally and has garnered critical acclaim for his unique style and perspective. His recent solo exhibitions include Welcome to my Melancholy, duo solo, Supermarkt Gallery (Tokyo, 2023); Souls from Objects from Souls from Objects from Souls, Zerui Gallery (London, 2022); SHARP HYBRID CRASH, Doris Gehtta Gallery (St. Ulrich, 2022); Hybrids, Project Room Cineast (Berlin, 2018). His recent and upcoming group exhibitions include The Consolation of Clinamen, Tabula Rasa Gallery (Beijing, 2023); on the flip side was, Guts Gallery Projects (London, 2022); Slides Trio Exhibition, W.ONESPACE (Shenzhen, 2023); Detox Retox, Kali Gallery (Lucerne,2022); MY MOTHER WAS A COMPUTER, Indigo+Madder Gallery (London, 2022); Group show, 104 Gallery (Tokyo, 2021); LEASING VOL.1, Project room Autohaus (Kassel, 2021); Und das Ist auch gut so, Judith Andrae Gallery (Bonn, 2021). Recent scholarships and residencies include Artist Inside scholarship (Berlin, 2021) and Spazio Speciale residency Program (Palermo, 2019). He studied DIPLOMA Fine Art Painting at Weissensee School of Art Berlin (2014-2019) and MA Fine Art Painting at the Royal College of Art and Design (2020-2022).

The Consolation of Clinamen, Tabula Rasa Beijing, July 2023

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