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Have a Good Night’s Sleep

Tant Yunshu Zhong
LISTE Art Fair Basel
12 June– 18 June, 2023
Tant Yunshu ZHONG 钟云舒 (b. 1990, Wuhan,China) lives and works in Shanghai, China. Tant’s artistic practice focuses on the moments within everyday flow that can be used for resistance and questioning. These frozen moments may be simple, elegant, slightly comedic, or even absurd. There is no precise boundary in her assemablages; they are dispersed yet mutually constrained. She excels at linking, arranging, combining, and constructing multiple associations between different objects and words. She skillfully places the contradictions hidden within organic life. The state of her works seems to want to return to some fundamental rules and rhythms while faintly attempting to break them.

Selected exhibitions include: The Rearview Landscape, or a Trip of Ownership, Ullens Centre of Contemporary Art (UCCA) (Beidaihe, 2022); The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog, Tabula Rasa Gallery (Beijing, 2020); The Force Temple, Tank Shanghai (Shanghai, 2019); Questioning Photography Now, Galaxy Museum of Contemporary Art (Chongqing, 2018); I Do (Not) Want to Be Part of Your Celebration, Qiao Space and Tank Shanghai Project Space (Shanghai, 2017).

Once for All, 40 x 30 x 2cm, 2023

Tant usually works with installations and sculptures. Within these traditions, she also tries to break off from how works of art are quantified. How we count pieces of art also affects our viewing experience. The artist wants art to be experienced without intervals, like reading passages in a book. The site-specific installation presented here follows the above philosophy.

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