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Shitou & Mingming

lives and works in China

Shitou (b.1969, China) is a Chinese activist, performer, filmmaker, multimedia artist, and queer icon. In her early years, she lived and worked on her paintings in the Yuanmingyuan Art Village, the first art village in China. Shitou directed several films, many in collaboration with her life partner, Mingming: “Dyke March” (2002), “Women Fifty Minutes” (2006) and “We Are Here” (2015). She is one of the initiators of the China Queer Independent Film group (CQIF, 2008).She has participated in numerous exhibitions, film festivals and cultural exchanges both at home and abroad, such as: New York University, University of Chicago, Asian Women's Film Festival (Berlin, Germany), and Modern Art Museum in Stockholm Sweden, among others.

Mingming, a filmmaker, is mainly engaged in the creation of documentaries and photography, and has done hundreds of screenings so far in collaboration with friends from all over the world. His films have participated in the New York University Film Festival, China Documentary Exchange Week, Asian Women's Film Festival (Berlin, Germany), University of California Berkeley Museum of Art, Hong Kong Chinese Documentary Film Festival, South Taiwan Film Festival, Women Make Waves, Beijing Queer Film Festival, etc.

Righteous Market, Tabula Rasa Beijing, March 2024

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