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Zoë Marden

b.1985, Hong Kong
lives and works in London (UK)

Zoë Marden (b.1985, Hong Kong) is an artist, filmmaker, and writer based in London. She obtained her MA degree from the Royal College of Art’s Moving Image in 2018. Marden works with performance, video, text, sound, sculpture and installation to create alternate worlds and speculative futures. Her research-focused works are concerned with Posthuman feminisms and where they overlap with the postcolonial. Her intimate performances play with the voice, activating soundscapes of desire and vulnerability. Recent projects have investigated the mythologies of witches and mermaids and their resonance within contemporary culture. She is part of the CAMPerVAN collective, a nomadic queer performance platform that has been active since 2016.

Her recent selected exhibitions include: Tabula Rasa: Unveiled, No.9 Cork Street (London, 2023, upcoming); Faces of  Gaia, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery (Hong Kong, 2023); Becoming Creature, Young Soy Gallery (Hong Kong, 2023); Under Blue Shade, Roman Road Gallery (London, 2023); LUMA, AORA (London, 2023); Myth Makers—Spectrosynthesis III, Tai Kwun (Hongkong, 2022); Becoming Creature, Tabula Rasa Gallery (London, 2022, group); Born to make you happy, The Residence Gallery (London, 2022, group); Marine Lovers...their fishy beginnings, V.O. Curations (London, 2022, solo); Queer to the Bank, Galleria Fonti (Naples, 2021, group); Urbanism, AORA:IV (London, 2021); DOMINO, PAF festival (London, 2020, group); Futureless, Somos Gallery (Berlin, 2020); Remember the Liquid Ground, Gasworks (London, 2020); Stay Live at Home, Perform (Istanbul, 2020); Grounded,Coastal Currents Arts Festival (East Sussex, 2020); Gaze to the UNKNOWN, Mimosa House (London, 2019); AMY/YMA, Serpentine Gallery (London, 2019); Unbothered + Moisturised, Eaton Workshop (Hong Kong, 2019); Equinox Light Cure, Exposed Arts (London, 2019).

Tabula Rasa: Unveiled, Frieze No.9 Cork Street, November 2023
Becoming Creature, Tabula Rasa London, December 2022

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